Felt Bag

A bag can be a good gift for our daughters to look very coquettish, also can serve as a lunchbox or backpack to carry supplies. It is a craft simple that allows us to customize the bags used in our daughters.


  • Colored felt
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • plastic gems
  • Pompons
  • Thread
  • Needle


  1. Draw on the felt bag Figure 2 times.A part to keep things (you can guide measuring a notebook that will be stored there and leaving additional 3cm).
  2. Cut the two sides and sew the bottom of the bag, letting loose top and straps.
  3. Decorate with ribbons, gems, pipe cleaners and pompoms, everything depends onthe taste of the girl, this is the part where she can help.

This is a simple way to make a backpack or bag for your children, decorate with them to enjoy this moment with you and feel desires to use it.