Father’s Day Gift Tip: Socks and Panties Taken off

There’s no better gift for father’s day than underpants and socks, right? Are indispensable items for the man and knowing to choose, they will last for a long time. And make no mistake, your dad will love win a gift like this.

But everyone gives this kind of gift on father’s day, how to differentiate? How about choosing according to the taste of your dad and give a gift beyond customized?

To give you that little help, separated here 7 styles of socks and underwear taken off

7 Models of Socks and Underwear to Innovate on Father’s Day

Photo: Reproduction

1-3 Pairs of Socks Kit Coca-Cola

If your dad loves to wear sneakers with shorts, the best option for him are “invisible” Sockets socks. You know those models shorts? Are super comfortable and combine very well with shorts.

This kit is for Coca-Cola, are beautiful, bring total comfort and quality is shockingly bad. You can bet on this gift with my eyes closed.

2-2 Kit Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs are super trend among men and the brand Calvin Klein made on models that bring multiple colors and prints, certainly your dad will love.

This kit contains 2 Calvin Klein underwear and have several colors to choose from. Which combines more with your father?

3-3 Sports Socks Kit Lupo

You must meet high quality and comfort without equal the mark Lupo, isn’t it? So why not give this gift for your dad?

This kit of Lupo contains 3 pairs of socks mid-cut, ideal for use with jeans, sneakers or boots.

4-3 Sporting Everlast Socks Kit

Photo: Underwear Store

The Everlast is its own brand that brings you super cool products. And this kit contains 3 pairs of socks with different colors that your dad will love. It is ideal for use with jeans, shorts and high-top sneakers.

5-Seamless Boxers Lupo

There is no more comfortable than a seamless underwear and still the best ally intimate fashion brand of Brazil is a gift straight to your father. Not to mention that the prints are really taken off. Check out this model only!

6–Cavalera Cotton Boxers

The Cavalera is also a very reputable brand in the market and brings pieces of clothing and fashion underwear there relaxed. This model here is made of 100% cotton, i.e. total comfort to your Daddy. And the variety of colors is the difference of this model, take a look.

7-Half Long Barrel Colcci

If you want a model of socks that is at the same time sophisticated for use with shoes and taken off to be used with any other type of footwear, you need to give this gift to your dad. Click here and see how many colors, you can even set up a special kit.

Which of these models of this do you think your dad would love? If you are in doubt, you can create a unique and personalized kit with essential parts for the day to day your father, what do you think?