Fat on the Back:Just with the Folds of the BRA

Discard the fat in the back and work with that finhinho bra or bikini summer

Fat on the Back:Just with the Folds of the BRA

As if we never have enough have to exterminate the most protruding belly, strengthen the muscle of “bye-bye” and find a pair of pants that accept our hips, the blessed fat on the back makes us think a thousand times before choosing a blouse, BRA or bikini.

As much as we try to disguise with modelers or Bras, always one niece, isn’t it? This is terrible for our self esteem. Because of the fat on your back, choose more uncomfortable parts just in order to hide them.

But is it so hard to get rid of the love handles, BRA? The withdrawal of this fat is not only aesthetic, but also of health. In addition to suffer with the rash in the heat, these folds are you passing a message: You need to take care of your health!

How to eliminate the fat on your back

We are beautiful, with or without fat, we know, but we should stick to our health! Our body doesn’t need to store fat for times of scarcity, as our ancestors, he needs to be healthy.


So, the first thing we think about is how is your power supply? Many refined in your menu? Imagine what would happen to your body if you simply stop eating sugar!

Having a healthy diet is important not only to eliminate love handles, but also couple to have a life with more available, lightness and longevity.

A balanced nutrition, with good fats – nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, etc – fiber, fruits and vegetables will take your body to the smooth operation and elimination of unnecessary fat. Think about it!

A lot of hydration is also vital. We’re practically water compounds, imagine how the lack of it can harm the overall functioning of the body. Drink plenty of fluids, can be the recipes of Grandma, like eggplant, ginger water or warm water.

2. Exercises to finish with the fat on your back

In addition to a good diet, some specific exercises will help you strengthen the muscles of the back, causing the silhouette if tune and avoiding so many folds.

  • Cardio – make a daily practice of at least 45 minutes. Nothing strengthen the musculature and not burn the fat on the back. Invest in a bike ride or race. Anything that can speed up the beating of your heart and metabolism.

Bodybuilding-some devices of the Academy can help you keep your back muscles firmer, as for example, the stroke.

  • Pilates-pilates is great for those who want to lose weight, strengthen muscles and set without impacting joints. In addition, is playful and fun!
  • Yoga-more than physical activity, yoga is a philosophy of life. Conscious breath, constant presence and of course, the movements are not always so peaceful. It is interesting to work with body and mind together.

Always remember to do stretching exercises at the end of the exercises.