Faster to the Desire Cell Phone

In the new Xonio leaderboards, you can sort individual features with just one click. So you will learn quickly who has the nose front with SAR value, storage or weight. We have singled out eight highlights for you.
Not all can be categories listed in the leaderboards on the sorting function. To get meaningful results, for example in the categories of SAR value, memory, weight, minimum talk time, Outlook sync time, camera resolution, on-time, UMTS data rate or MP3 transfer time. It is important for the sorting that you click in the leaderboards view top left on “View all products” and “All” rather than “Compact”.

Cell phones and smart phones

Order to be able to respond better to the needs of the professional mobile phone users, we have introduced in addition still the class of the “smart phones” Xonio to “Mobile phones”. These include all the devices with full keyboard, touchscreen or an open operating system, about Symbian or Windows Mobile. We test every Smart phone twice: first, it is subject to the mobile test criteria and sorted into the mobile leaderboard. Also it goes through a specific Smart phone test course on the it must show, inter alia, how quickly and accurately, it synchronizes Outlook data.Placement in the mobile phone and Smart phone leaderboard varies quite in the same device.

Two types of device, a leader
In some categories that apply both for mobile phones and Smart phones, such as SAR value, memory and minimum talk time, there only a leader for both device types.For example, The Nokia E61i is front runner in two leaderboards with a minimum talk time of 5 hours and 53 minutes.

On the following pages we inform you in detail about the front-runner in a total of six categories, including top phones like the Sony Ericsson W960i, the E61i and the Samsung SGH-F700V.
Storage And Weight: The Mobile Winners

Without a thick GByte reserve anything goes with current mobile phones. The Sony Ericsson W960i is ahead of the T-Mobile Ameo by a nose. When the mobile phone spring weights Samsung has to have a strong say.

Storage winner (mobile phones): Sony Ericsson W960i
The Sony Ericsson W960i only short 100 MB required to put at the top of the memory leaderboards. It encounters the T-Mobile Ameo by the throne of memory, which itself must settle for free memory 7814,3 MB 7.921,4 MB.

A thick pad of MByte can however use the W960i as a Walkman phone. The amount is sufficient for around 136 hours of music in MP3 quality. In cahoots with the successful music player the W960i candle well the iPods and iAudios of this world. In addition to the multimedia sector the W960i but also in terms of business-tries this quite successfully, as our test shows.

Weight winners (mobile phones): Samsung SGH-X 820
The slimmest phone in the German market: With only seven millimeters thick has the SGH-X 820 secured this predicate. On height of the 2-megapixel camera’s measures nine mm although instead of seven, and at least, it is this thick camera resolution record.

These dimensions will rub off but also on the weight: setback 64 grams brings the design-phone only on the scale. Can see the facilities of the well processed X 820 leaving: triband, music player, Bluetooth, USB and a viewer for Office and PDF files.

SAR Value And Minimum Talk Time: The Mobile Winners

The SAR value Samsung with the SGH-F700V Qbowl has the edge. Under most adverse conditions by phone, turned out to be the battery of Nokia E61i as endurance without peers.

SAR winner (mobile phones): Samsung SGH-F700V
With HSDPA, touchscreen and full keyboard, the SGH-F700V Qbowl is assumed to fear the iPhone. Leader credit takes the chic Korea-phone but not with the first show features, but at the cell phone radiation.

According to the manufacturer’s broadcasts with only 0.08 Watt / kg, this is absolute top in the current test and well below the threshold for the granting of the “blue environmental Angel” (0.60 w / kg). The F700V brings at least some 4 GB memory and has a 3.2-megapixel camera, a music player, as well.

Talk time winner (mobile phones): Nokia E61i
The Nokia E61i satisfies all wishes of the business world and it can keep well in the field of multimedia. With Wi-Fi and UMTS data equipment is complete, allow operation and telephone functions also to be desired nothing.

Whopping 5 hours and 35 minutes of battery duration talk running, about 20 minutes more than we have measured in the E61. The E61i has also a camera which dissolves 1.92 megapixel photos when compared to its predecessor. Also a decent music player is on board. The E61i is also quite cheap to have approximately 275 euros.

SAR Value And Minimum Talk Time: The Smartphone Winner

The mobile winners are the winners of the Smartphone: Samsung SGH-F700V with the SAR value of 0.08 w / kg, and Nokia E61i with 5 hours and 53 minutes of talk time are also with the Smartphones fed up front.

SAR winner (mobile phones): Samsung SGH-F700V
Whether mobile phone or Smartphone-the SAR value remains the same. Thus, the Samsung SGH-F700V in both categories is our leaderboards leader as radiation poorest mobile. Although low-radiation, but this richly equipped: The F700V comes with full keyboard, touchscreen, HSDPA and 3.2 megapixel camera.

A good MP3 player, a browser with Flash Player and thanks to Vodafone live Mobile TV are to list on the project page. In practice, our tester attested to a grossly unfriendly to users operating the F700V, however, also the touch screen is still not mature.

Talk time winner (smartphones): Nokia E61i
The same measuring procedure of talk time for cell phones and smart phones device, the same result: The battery of the E61i runs 5 hours and 53 minutes in conversation of duration of and thus claimed the top spot. The Smartphone will satisfy all needs of the business world and it can keep well in the field of multimedia. With Wi-Fi and UMTS data equipment is complete, allow operation and telephone functions also to be desired nothing.

The E61i has also a camera which dissolves 1.92 megapixel photos when compared to its predecessor. Also a decent music player is on board. The current number three ranking in the Smartphone is only 275 euro expensive.

MP3-Transfer And Outlook Sync: The Smartphone Winner

The synchronization period for mobile contact data flows only on smartphones in the test standings. We measured the time required for the transfer of 1,000 contact data via USB, Bluetooth and infrared between Outlook and Smartphone. In the leaderboards for all three values, only the fastest.

Outlook-sync-winner: Samsung SGH-i300
Samsung i300 3 GB hard drive with music player primarily targeting MP3 fans. The South Koreans on a powerful battery have taken along with rich sound and original headphones: the in our endurance test 4 hours and 45 minutes held out. The top result but did deliver the i300 in transferring 1,000 address entries: in 22 seconds, the somewhat older disks smartphone was the initial synchronization via the Bluetooth interface.

Via USB, it was still notable 38, via infrared 42 seconds. The SGH-i300 is the first hard drives mobile on the German market. It is currently ranked 47 in the Smartphone’s best and a real bargain: an offer at the Xonio price comparison can be found for about 140 euros.

MP3-transfer-winner: Sony Ericsson W960i
The Sony Ericsson W960i is a credit to his name as a music phone. Not only it has the largest store with less than 8 GBytes, it also has a sophisticated music player. As one of currently still very few smartphones, the W960i has a fast USB 2.0 high speed – interface, so that users can use music to fill the store without long waits.

In just a second managed our reference-MP3 file with 3 MByte on the Smartphone, the machine at the same time with the Samsung SGH-F700V. Because the Korea-phone but significantly lower lands on the leaderboard (rank 56), the highest podium to the W960i on 24th.