Fashion Tips to Turbocharge and Lift the Breasts

Choose underwear is, without doubt, a very personal task. Check out some guidelines to find the model of BRA that matters most to him the type of your bossom and avoid buying BRA-wrong-can-ruin-the-look-look-like-choose/”> bra size wrong.

Aline Blanco is responsible for Marketing and product development of one of the most traditional Brazilian brands of lingerie. She explains that the benefits of underwear must go beyond taste and preferences. “The technology and the design must be of service to the comfort and safety of all women, regardless of body type and the format of the breast”, explains the professional.

For small or medium breasts bra

It is best to opt for padded Bras structured with or without push-up-extra padding. Push-up models simulate a bust bulkier, giving the impression of larger breasts.

Some models promise to increase at twice the size of the breasts, without extra padding, only modeling and sketching the neckline.

Another option are the tops or tracks without structured bulge. These pieces are ideal during the premenstrual period, or when there is sensitivity in the breasts, because they don’t bother or shake.

Bras scarf

These models are suitable both for women with small breasts and means and who do not want to increase them as for those with silicone implants. Don’t offer much support, but respect the natural shape of the breasts. In General, are gorgeous models, delicate, very feminine and, almost always, confectioned in lace or delicate fabrics and special.

Medium breasts bra

Prefer half cup padded models covering breast .75 and supported by AROS. The bulge structured models breasts, supports and draws the neckline. In this case, the BRA can be traditional (with parallel handles), swimmer or Halter. The last two are very successful, especially in the summer, because they are an excellent alternative when used with t-shirts and low-cut dresses.

Bra for fuller breasts

The most suitable models are those that fully covers the breast modeling and has reinforced structure for added support. Give preference to parts with rim. The structured bulge also helps to shape the breasts and to draw the neck and, contrary to popular belief, do not increase the volume of the bust. There are even reducing models, which help to minimize the volume of breasts, if this is the case. (Bolsa de Mulher)