Fashion Tips for Plus Size Ladies

If you own a large amount of clothing, then I think often read on the Internet or in fashion magazines tips on how to dress. So with all the basics you probably know. So I will not repeat them in this article. In fact, I want to say that all so-called “rules for the fuller figure” – a very big generalization because each digit (thin or full) is very individual, and complete people can also distinguish different types and develop them quite different advice in choosing clothes.

Therefore, in any fashion rules only choose those that suit you and improve your own style. Today I want to offer you a few tips that will suit to someone, someone perhaps not, they will refer mostly what fashion trends this summer are most suitable for girls with forms.

Maxi Dress

Long dresses and skirts – a striking trend of the season, and successfully fit into the wardrobe full of girls, because nothing looks as good as extended silhouette maxi dress or skirt. Avoid pleats – it can povnyty. It is better to choose a color dress or long dress with abstract print. Do not choose a dress with flounces and frills.

Bright Colors

Today the trend of color blockig, ie the combination of an image several bright colors. However, the stylists do not recommend full girls combine some bright things at once because it visually “split” understand one another and does not contribute because they look slimmer. Still want bright colors in summer. The decision in this case is designed in the image of every bright color. It is known to visually lengthen the figure chosen autfit all in one color. Choose the appropriate length dress (knee best – this is the optimal length for full figures) and suitable style, and easily choose a bright color. It will look good and impressive.


One of the most popular prints this summer – color printing. If you own a magnificent forms, it is better to give up trousers or top with flowers, but with cauliflower print dress that sits well with you, will look much better. Again, this dress can be long or knee on the floor and their respective style. Prints should not be too small, preferably medium or large size. With prints are ideal strip located diagonally.


Drapery has its own magic – they turn any ordinary dress style dress with a twist. In addition, they will make you thin. Draperies at the waist to help cover the abdomen, thighs may also mask unwanted volume. Dress or blouse with odor or V-neck. Maybe this thing, but a good cut extended neck and draws attention to beautiful breasts.

Large Accessories

Large bracelets and necklaces in trend and you should include them in your summer wardrobe. Long necklaces or chains with pendants, and the ability to visually pull the silhouette. Big necklace draws attention to the beautiful neckline. Long earrings are also impressive, with extended neck. Do not forget the maxi clutch.


This option is ideal for you if you own a slim waist and voluminous thighs. This skirt will focus on the waist and hips hide. You can emphasize the waist strap. Paula can easily select from a light fabric like chiffon, due to its ease it also visually hide the hips.