Fashion Sunglasses Trend!

If you have an accessory that I love passion is sunglasses! In the same way as have the sets of clothes, also has the fashion for glasses. I love the colored, mirrored, because they give a tcham in look, it changes the mood of our day instantly! The most desired models right now are those of Fendi, Dior, Illesteva and others but, each more fashion and daring than the other! Remember those mirrored lenses that have been considered over? Today they returned in different colors:blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, there are many shades and patterns.

When a person is wearing sunglasses looks like changes of appearance following, isn’t it? That’s because the glasses have bigger role than protecting your eyes, they are accessories that complement visual and help compose a style. There is no thing more practical than sunglasses? They work by thousand:can you leave with way more chic, more blasé, hide your dark circles that day of “laziness of my makeup” and give attitude of “star”, and so on. I amooo sunglasses and whenever a new check and I run already want to take to my collection! I’m wishing these models of Fendi

The sunglasses is an accessory that accompanies the whole year, the frame of the glasses you need to make a contrast with your type of face and mitigate the strokes. Therefore, it is not very nice to have the round face and use a round too, because glasses will accentuate it. But, I believe that people should use what they want without care much for this sort of “rules”. Try the glasses, look in the mirror and be satisfied, you play!

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