Fashion Producer Gives Tips to the Clothes

Knowing how to choose clothes when going to the gym is essential. But many people miss the combinations and ends up leaving the look very loaded and exaggerated. The fashion company Cláudia Métne says that the clothes should be comfortable, in addition, of course, to be in accordance with each type of body.

“Girls who have thick legs should not wear opaque leggings, clear and sparkly, as they leave even more bulky. Bet on dark tones, which thin and thin. Those who have a flat body can use prints, but must make combinations with neutral colors. And we need attention so the clothes do not score much, especially the hips and groin, because that leaves the vulgar look, “he says. Below you can see other tips from the producer to work out without going out of style.

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Fabrics: Choose clothes made of natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton and linen, which have mobility, absorb sweat and dry quickly. And pay attention to the more technological tissues, with more adhesion, and that allow the body to better perspiration.

Legging: Patterns increase body volume. It is good for those who have thinner legs and want to value them, but the chubby ones should stay away. The high prints are the floral, snake, jaguar and butterflies. White legging also requires care, as it is more transparent and shows more imperfections. It can be worn by women who are in shape and to emphasize turned legs. Already the dark colors can be used without fear, because they hide the imperfections. They can be combined with tops and fresh, embossed or neutral blouses. Black leggings and white blouses form a perfect match for those who do not want to miss dressing to work out. The length of the legging varies according to your body. The taller ones should use at the height of the calf and the short ones, with length below the knee, to lengthen the silhouette.

Socks: It is important to wear them, because they protect the legs and warm the muscles, avoiding cramps, stretching and inflammation. The stockings to the knee, over the legging, became a fever. But girls who are overweight or have thick legs and calves should avoid, especially the white and the prints, which increase the volume and leave more shallow. The short stockings shorten the legs, so the little ones should pass away from them. Who has the most dapper legs and sequins can use and abuse the socks of various types and colors.

Top with belly from outside: Only use if you are in shape. It is good also for those who have very small bust. Those who have larger breasts should opt for more tight and fairer blouses. Remember that if you wear a print on the top, use neutral colors on the bottom to keep the look from being loaded.

Wide jacket: It is a comfortable choice and can be used by both the thinner and the cooler. It should be under the butt. The ideal is to wear these sweaters with leggings, preferably in darker colors, so as not to look sloppy.

Short: Shorts open on the side can be worn by women with long, lean legs. Those who are overweight should stay away because the model increases the volume of the legs and becomes inelegant.

Overalls: The glued models value the curves, but on the other hand, they put on weight, especially the prints, which attract more attention and increase the volume of the body.

Pants: The most indicated are tactel. They can be combined with tight blouses, to give a more fitness air. It is an option for those who have very thin legs.

Hair: He must be arrested, because at the gym, we sweat a lot and, after an hour of training, the hair ends up getting wet and looking unpleasant.