Fashion Legging pants for Short, Fatties, Ideal Models tips

Nowadays it is difficult to find woman who ain’t in the closet at least one Legging Pants. In addition to very practical, they have won in recent years many versions, to be used both by day as by night, both in summer and in winter. Some mimic tattoos and other are used only at the gym.

The jeans to the body that gained fame in the 80 is typically used in everyday life by creating looks more casual and so comfortable in their. The Black legging is the most popular since in addition to combine with all the compositions and be very discreet, lose weight.

The most important is the pants leggings are extremely democratic, after all, they can be used by women with all kinds of bodies. The fatties must wear leggings of dark colors and overlapping of a blouse. Already the little ones must play the pants of length just below the knee, or even ankles to lengthen the silhouette. The higher they go with the leggings at the height of the calf.

The leggings can also be used during the night, clubbing and on special occasions. To this there are the higher end models, with sequins and metallic fabric that give a special visual effect. Check out an excerpt of the report appears in the journal Today “:

The pants match also with sneakers and platform sandals. May be used with boot in cold days and with high heels at night. But what about you, what do you think of the tips from And models? Leave your cmomentário.

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