Fashion for Plus Size Women

Either, or. In fashion story take turns extremely skinny babes with several plnoštíhlými exceptions. But what about all those characters with female rounded shapes? Today you can fashion in size 42!

Yes, even with ready-made sizes, starting with the Quad you can look stylish. The proof is the plus size fashion model Ivana (in modeling is in this category, each with a size of 38 mercilessly and higher), which tends to wear the number 42 sign. Do you have a similar character as she? Crush fierce camouflage and accentuate your curves!

Divided Repor

Cleverly selected cuts are the Foundation. If you like our model Center of the rounder body and slender legs, give priority to the waist pants that taper slightly towards the bottom. Great coats will also work with a belt, which creates a silhouette of an hourglass.

Handy Asymmetry

Make friends, we recommend that you also with asymmetric cuts, which they finished with a character wonders. Skirt waist looks combined with excellent and definitely tucked shirts do not fit only for ultra slim figures. Our favourite a stylish “high” is a floral jacket à la bomber.

Immortal Lace

Zanevřít would you be timeless lace, whether in the form of a top or dress. If you like our model slender legs, feel free to jump into the shorter Variant. The dress is in the waist and the skirt hem, flat belly, thus is not a necessity! Check answers to plus size questions on Naturegnosis.

Fancy Sequins

If you go here and there to work out and you have a stronger physique, you can feel free to substitute the unmissable sequins. At the party are made. Stylist has chosen having regard to the Ivaniny exhibition feet short length dresses, sleeves are extended.

Evening Option a Little Differently

The ideal social variant for the ladies, which does not want to lift himself to a small black! The jumpsuit is amazingly comfortable, and recalls the flowing long dress. Are you looking for something over the shoulders? In addition to the classic jackets over itself you can throw and short fur jacket.