Fashion Camp di Milano

Arrival in Milan on Thursday, a day before the Fashion Camp for a ride in this city for me and still new to be discovered. As a good tourist vague around the streets of the center, jumping from one tram to another, with Ylenia, my friend and colleague trusted trips looking around curiously. Then in the afternoon I had a chance to make a first turn at the steam factory while they were going on the final preparations for the event … we were a bit ‘snuck in truth, but I could immediately understand that the next day there would be Fashion Camp was a really fantastic: the preparations were almost complete but already fabulous.

Friday at 7: 00 … the alarm sounds, I choose my casual outfits but with a retro flavor (and with a touch of pink which never hurts, says Recipesinthebox!), Have breakfast and go … direction Fashion Camp! My trustworthy tram takes me up to the threshold (luckily, I brought some high heels all day!) Where a large courtyard that slowly more and more crowded, you invited people to quickly follow it to reach the entrance. A fast pass for crediting and a look to the organization of the day where the workshop will incastravano to perfection and finally I can immerse myself within the factory steam room dedicated entirely to the Fashion Camp.


The atmosphere was lively and vivid, full of bright colors that were mixed but at the same time were different from each other; silver flowers and cardboard trees have welcomed me, and as I walked the room, scrutinizing every detail, I realized that the atmosphere seemed quite different from what I had seen the day before… it was people with their presence and personality fill even more this fantastic collection of ideas. It was like being in a garden, a Japanese garden with bamboo poles that formed the stands used for the display of clothes and accessories from companies, large pots with green plants, the stem long and scenic and synthetic turf instead, surrounded the stage where they would be required to brief workshops.Many companies there on display, all with some particular feature that made their original and different products.

Among all I was very impressed by “As the cherries” company that produces accessories entirely from waste materials recovered everywhere, from “Raptus & Rose” two very nice girls who make clothes recycling old shirts or disposed of leaders through juxtapositions of fabrics different dresses made of collage absolutely delicious and “Tomoko Tokuda” that makes accessories (bracelets, necklaces and rings) with the carcasses of old clocks.


The morning begins with a workshop organized by the Douglas perfumeries on how to make a perfect make up with products Dior and another dedicated to the world of Essie … my favorite glazes ever, I’m sure you also know them.

In the afternoon, then I have carefully followed the advice of Antonio Cubs, better known as @Woork on Twitter that experience with a really contagious sympathy explained to us all the secrets for the perfect use of social networks especially for us bloggers, suggesting how best to share interesting facts and short on the social network in vogue at the moment.
Happy Limosani then enchanted me with its facilities … I knew him “fame” but I had never heard of. It has collaborated with Emilio Pucci, Breil, Yooks, Swarovski, Lacoste… for which he designed and implemented the new ways of presenting a collection of static pulling dimension that surrounds many ways a dress or accessory. Limosani was able to make alive Swarovski crystals by immersing them in large glass cases with air jets of water mobilized and transform a Pucci scarf installation of mirrors and color from the greek aftertaste. Its video art, a story without narrative but full of emotions and sensory experiences accompanied not only by a simple object for sale, by images, texts and sounds: “We must arouse an emotion, a smile” so ended his intervention that has literally kept me glued to the chair.
my day continued wandering here and there and conversing with journalists and bloggers colleagues with whom we have pleasantly commented this experience … before leaving, however, I could not resist the temptation to try the Dior tricks and so a makeup artist has basically he refurbishing!

At the end of the day I left, taking with me many wonderful gadgets, big laughs, feet slightly sore, a make up and scream your heart and mind full of this wonderful experience.