FAS Participates for the First Time the Lighting Design Weekend

The FAS participates for the first time the Lighting Design Weekend (DW!), considered the greatest Latin America urban design festival, which takes place from 09 to 13 August in São Paulo. Reference in the lighting segment, the brand prepares a special action in week of design in an unprecedented partnership with the other tenants of the “Upper Gabriel”.

At the invitation of Manager Arystela Pink Peace, Director of the FAS, the trendy interior designer Newton Lima will sign an ambiance that promises to highlight the release of Ingo Maurer and the German brand Next. “We want to give visitors a different space of contemplation of our fixtures, so let’s heat the first floor of the showroom,” says Arystela.

For that, the professional will bring a good brazilian decoration with furniture of the Dpot, Vermeil, Past Composed twentieth century and Zac Decor, in addition to works of artists: the paulista Virgil and Alexander miner Mouse, the second in charge of a large graphite. “We’re bringing the best of the national design for making a counterpoint with the fixtures of international artists that are the hallmark of FAS,” says Lima.

Among the creations of Ingo Maurer who have just arrived to Brazil are the fixtures Dew Drops Floor, Ringelpiez Floor and RuKuku, which stand out for the innovative and modern design, in addition to the technology and sophistication.

Another new feature is the Flap Flap lamp Chandelier, signed by designer Constantin Wortmann for the German company Next, iconic piece of the brand that comes out of the floor and goes to the ceiling in an outstanding classic and playful at the same time.