Family Camping

I think that the premise of many families as they begin to plan their holiday is “gives equal where to go as long as we are all together”. But if we have the time to search, find a privileged place, with an unique environment, where you choose schedules and that these holidays are a time in which everyone can participate and share, the campsite, is ideal.

On this occasion we have chosen a campsite in Ávila, in Peguerinos, Camping Valle Enmedio. It is located in an area where not mobile, perfect coverage to Disconnect, and where we can rest and do many activities in the natural environment.

We have had to prepare all the material that had to be the day before, neither are many things, it could be summed up in: shops, equipment, clothing and food, although on this occasion, 10 children and 4 adults, volume increases and have to add and multiply well. Choose the common material is simple, the tents, food, tables and chairs, lighting, kitchen, refrigerator, tea and several games for children. But when we enter in organize 10 children, and each one needs, your sleeping bag and mat, your clothes, your bag, etc., certainly need the help of a good sheet of paper and go to safe, aim and go too.

With everything ready, the first arriving at the campsite are responsible for making the record, learn rules, of the opportunities afforded us the area of schedules and choose plot, where we are located. Let us remember that campsites have, depending on their category (such as the stars of hotels), a series of services. In our case, we chose to be partitioned, away from the entrance and nearby services, in short, more quiet and family.

One tip is to always ask the staff of the camping, no one better that they know him and can advise us and recommend us.

It is important to install tents, well share the space, where we will install the shop, living, cooking and playing area. It is relevant to have positive cohabitation, inside of the plot and outside, especially when our group is numerous. It is important to mention the position of the store, very important for our rest that is always at a flat place without descent.

Install the tent is without a doubt one of the most fun activities in family: open the bag, remove all parts, organize themselves to mount it, make it a game (like everything that happens since we joined at the campsite until we go out), is something highly recommended and above all fun but always supervised by adults.

Having installed tents, ordered the suitcases, saved the meal – we have visited a couple of birds to see what can fall – is a good time to take a small stroll and discover the campsite and our neighbors (remember that we are going to live very close to people who share our same passion, so a good atmosphere is almost guaranteed).

The sunset is a perfect time to teach children to live with others and show them how we behave when we are in the natural environment and share that space with more people. Thus, when night comes they will be more aware.

Who kitchen?, who prepares the table?, who scrubs?, who collects?, wonderful questions with very simple answer: all. Easy, we will rotate and each one contributes what it can, but all contribute and all add to enjoy every one of us, because in the case of this trip in particular, we have 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

Beyond the life at the campsite we have activities that we can perform both inside and outside the facilities. On our trip we chose performed hiking routes in an environment unique and varied. We must prepare the backpacks and the sandwiches and go in search of the reservoirs, rivers, forests, rocks, but without hurry and enjoying the journey.

Remember to be prepared when we started an activity in the natural environment. See where we’re going to move, the material(if we do have young children, truck or Sling Chair) and schedules (are not the same daylight hours in March to July). All these details will make our activities more secure to be able to enjoy it to the maximum, and remember: kids set the pace!

Another option that often us propose campsites are a series of organised activities and depending on your tastes and needs you will be able to register, for example a: canoeing, Mycology, bike, adventure, etc.

Camping at family has plenty of options, and as that famous series of books whose name I remember for “Choose your own adventure”, no phrase more summarizes the wide range of options offered by this way to go on holiday. There is twice that you repeat the same experience, and all are unique and amazing.

To clean and collect! When the campsite is already finished, touch organize themselves as at the beginning and leave everything ready for our March, and leave our space, our plot, clean, as we found it. Do not forget us nothing, trash containers, remember to recycle and store in our head all those good moments to repeat them on another occasion.

See you down the mountain