Fall In Prices On The Iphone: Disappointed Shareholders, Customers Angry And Vouchers As a Consolation Prize

Apple CEO Steve Jobs celebrated the iPhone at the Conference in San Francisco as a huge success story, the millionth unit to be sold soon. Contradictory however: Only barely two months after market launch in the United States a radical price reduction by a third announced at the same time jobs. The phone with eight gigabytes of memory will cost 399 instead of 599 dollars in the future. The admission of defeat? The iPhone as a shopkeeper? Jobs explained the price reductions merely as a courtesy for those interested. You wanted more affordable mobile this holiday season make.

Experts see it differently. The drastic price discount woke up when analysts and investors doubting the iPhone sales, Apple’s stock fell 5.1 percent to 136,76 dollars. As jobs claimed that the multimedia phone not so well for long runs, also the first sale, Apple’s American Distributor AT & T figures published. recently

Not just shareholders and experts react restlessly on the message, also buyers of iPhones are incensed and unleash their displeasure in American forums. Many early buyers can not understand that all the loyal fans that sometimes for days queued for mobile phones had to pay an exorbitant price. CEO showed that talked about Steve Jobs only little understanding for the criticism in a first newspaper interview shortly after the Conference: that’s just technology. His advisers seem him then to have said, that you so must deal with the loyal community of Apple iPhone owners are now 100-dollar vouchers to compensate for their anger get.

At what price the iPhone in Germany on the market is and who will be the exclusive sales partner in Germany, is not yet known. «««Seems certain after the Conference, however, that Apple’s Verhandlungspostition not likely-have improved when the Dickering over royalties with Telekom, Vodafone, O2 or another telecommunications provider an advantage for the consumers.

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