Facial Gymnastics: 5 Exercises to Be Beautiful Newspapers

The facial gymnastics is really important in our daily lives. Here are 5 exercises that help us to maintain a young and wonderful looking face.
We go to run, do squats, abdominal , but often we forget our calling card number 1, the face.
That’s why the facial gymnastics is really important even if they speak very little.
Actors and various starlets already know all the secrets of these exercises.

On our face you can read so much about us, our feelings, concerns, lack of sleep, stress and much more. By the time our habits, like going to bed late, study hard or smoke, and our emotions become our face, leaving indelible traces, especially next to the eyes, forehead and around the mouth.
The facial gymnastics is also suitable for all ages and takes only fifteen minutes a day.

Here are 5 easy exercises to do every day:

1- Part of the high-stress facial and

Wrinkled forehead, frowning, as if you imitate a face “sulking”. Count to 10.
Relax your face
Raise eyebrows eyes widening.
Repeat the cycle 10 times

2- Crow’s feet – Suitable for those who work at the screen

Keeping your head steady, rotate the eye clockwise 5 times.
Move the view from above down 5 times.
Move the eyes from right to left and also diagonally 5 more times.
To relax eyes quickly, beat the lashes of one eye, keeping the other widely open. Count to 30 and then repeat the same exercise with the other eye.

3- Lips – Perfect for smoking

Wrinkled lips and push them forward as if you wanted to give a big kiss to an invisible person.
Hold this pose for five seconds
Relax your mouth
Put your fingers against his lips slightly opposing the resistance and try to smile.
Repeat the cycle 10 times

4- cheekbones

Take your lips a voice “or” very open and immediately after you make a major”.”
Repeat this exercise 10 times.
After sucked in his cheeks, making the so-called “fish face” and keep this position for 20 seconds.
Relax the face.

5- Double Mentone relaxed skin on the neck

Hold push upside down corners of the mouth.
Feel the tension of the muscles of the chin and neck for 5 seconds.
Relax your mouth
Repeat the cycle 10 times.
Before you start doing facial gymnastics, it is important to know two things.