Eyeliner Trends 2016

Like apply eyeliner? Discover all the trends for spring-summer 2016.

The eyeliner is a part of the fundamental make-up to emphasize the look: full makeup making deeper and magnetic eyes. If you are fond of this product you can not not know the main trends for spring-summer 2016: we discover together what are!

Black eyeliner: preferably graphic

The black eyeliner is a timeless classic, a must perfect for all seasons. In visas look at catwalks for spring-summer 2016 (in Paris, Milan and London) shows a graphic make up the net and decisive lines. Yes then to a deep portion with precisely drawn lines which also extend beyond the eye. The finish can be glossy or matt, the important thing is that the section is a nice deep black.

To draw a very precise graphic line is important to rely on the right products, possibly opting for an eyeliner pen. Marc Jacbos, for example, proposes the Magic Marc’er Precision Eyeliner Pen, characterized by a thin felt tip for an ultra fine tract and modular.
Alternatively you can choose a product like Little Black Liner Estee Lauder: it is an eyeliner with two strikers, a thinner for an ultra precise makeup and a wider tip for a thicker line.

Colorful eyeliner

If winter is more difficult to dare with the colors, the arrival of spring invites us to use colored products in bright tones. The latest trends require an eyeliner that turns into a kind of accessory, to show off as the star of a neutral makeup. Yes and pastel colors, matt or metallic finish for a graphic line that stands out.

The new Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner Estee Lauder, for example, occur as the eye pencils, but have a so intense stretch and a creamy texture so as to be compared to real eyeliner.
Ultra colored products also for the Dot collection shock Pupa Milano: there are two Definition liner with felt tip applicator, perfect for a quick and easy preparation. The two proposed colors have a metallic finish and can be used either alone or in combination for a colorful makeup in pop style.

Eyeliner in flowers

One of the most original trends for spring-summer 2016 is to dell’eyeliner flowered, proposed for the first time from beauty bloggers Norwegian Marit Isachsen (makeupnecessities). The eyeliner is not as intense as a graphic line on the eyelid, but as a real decoration to be modular to suit your needs. This is obviously a look suitable for those wishing to venture a little ‘more with makeup.

To achieve this look is critical to obtain colored eyeliner and you can play with different finish. For example you can opt for eyeliner 24Ore Color Mat or 24Ore Color Glossy, both of Deborah Milano. For those not very familiar with the eyeliner from the felt tip better to opt for ultra pigmented pencils as the colorful Pupa Made To Last Definition Eyes.