External Ceramic Floor Tiles

External ceramic floor has greater resistance to traffic and climatic variations. Find the ideal model for your space and take the time to acquire it at the lowest price on the market.

outdoor areas have some peculiarities and therefore deserve your attention at the time of choosing the right coating for the space. Resistant, external ceramic floor tiles have many advantages, starting with the durability and resistance, even in the face of climate variations.

About provides these features is the high PEI (unit of measurement which shows the coating of abrasion resistance) of product. For outdoor areas, it is recommended that this unit is between 3 and 5.

This will ensure a ceramic floor for durable outdoor area even with the resulting wear contact with the wheels of the car, if the floor is installed in garages. When choosing the parts, be sure to consider whether they are non-slip, characteristic essential to avoid slipping and possible domestic accidents.

Suitable for installation in gardens, the barbecue area and garages, coatings also make a difference in the decoration of the space – especially if you choose the options that we have in store for you, available in different sizes and in beautiful prints of vintage styles.

Cleaning the Non-slip Floors

The external ceramic floors tend to accumulate more dirt for being exposed to climatic variations. The non-slip floor model version which has surface irregularities can retain more residues. So it is important to clean it frequently, at least twice a week. To remove stubborn dirt, such as fat, use hot water, detergent and broom. Tip: High pressure hoses can help you accomplish this task with less physical effort.