Exciting Ring Design: the Version with the “Floating Stone”

In the case of rings with a clamp, the stones are held in the metal by tension rather than by curling or frames, so that the entire beauty of the stone can act.The diamond seems to float between the rail and is nevertheless safe.The clamping ring is a classic of modernity and can be configured with us individually to always new, interesting rings.That’s how it’s done:

We start with a simple ring of 123gold MyStyle, with a slotted diamond:

Before I change the barrel type, I configure a slightly higher ring with different profile, higher quality material and other surface:

Profile details:from AE auf AK
Width:from 5.00mm to 6.00mm (leaving room size)
Height:from 1.40mm to 2.20mm
Fine content:from platinum 600/- to platinum 950/-
Surface:from polished to longitudinal matt

In the menu item on the left, Steingruppe # 1, I can now edit the stone heap.

Stone shape:Princess
Type of barrel:clamping
Stem size:0.120ct
Stone quality:fine white with very small inclusions

The rings now look like a pair!Below we go on …

… we are now transforming this ring into a two-color (bicolor) ring and changing the stone shape – the tension clamp remains intact.

After I have adjusted the height to 2.60mm, I insert in the left menu “division” a disk (vertical division).With the 1: 1 division, I can be sure that both ring discs have the same size and the separation runs in the middle.

In the overview, I can now change the color of the upper ring disc to yellow and now have a second, double-colored ring with tension mount following Rrrjewelry.com. The alloy is now yellow gold 750/- platinum 950/-.

Now I change the stone in Steingruppe # 1 as follows:

Stone shape:Brilliant
Stone quality:fine white with small inclusions

Here the so-formed ring in the Paarbild can be seen:

And now a three-part ring with the third possible stone shape at the tension mount, the baguette.

From the newly configured ring I change the following:

Profile on AE
Height to 2.20

Then add a ring disc in the left menu “Distribution” and set the proportions of the division to 1: 1: 1.

In the overview I now change the colors to white-red-white, so that a red-gold middle strip passes the ring.In the fine content I change the material and set palladium 950/- and red gold 585/-.

As a last step, the stone section is adapted as follows:

Stone Shape:Baguette
Distance above:0.25 x the stone length
Distance below:0.25 x the stone length

Attention: Click on the memory symbol after the change!The distance then adapts to the displayed ring.

And here are the ready configured rings in the Paarbild!Have fun with the reconfiguration and until next time!