Everything You Need to Know About the Shoulder Bags Lois

If you thought that only women had variety in bags is concerned, you are wrong, the men also and this time I will devote my post bags and shoulder bags Lois for men, for a reason: they are fantastic and that is enough.

Why use them?

  1. Ergonomics: it is not heavy or gigantic and form an essential part of your outfit.
  2. Everything in one place: you can take with you on all your gadgets in one place, mobile, money, wallet, sunglasses, etc.
  3. They make you look good: you’ll look like a current, trendy, and sober man. You will handled good impression in your circle.
  4. One for each occasion: you don’t have to have a single design, you can choose your handbag or shoulder bag depending on the occasion for which you want to use, sporty, casual or formal.
  5. Throughout the year: don’t worry by the stations, you can use throughout the year, in winter or in summer, but that Yes, remember adapt designs and colors to the time, you won’t want to look outdated.

Tips for choosing them

Choose your bag as described in backpack choices will depend on for what occasion want you to use and what impression like cause, here you have some data that you can take into account:

  • If you want to see elegant: seeks to choose shoulder bags Lois with darker colors, black and Brown can work very well, also grey, but don’t limit yourself, dark colors are not exclusive elegance, think about your outfit. The lines straight and rigid-looking work in a formal look . Please note also the material, will not want to clash with a canvas bag of cotton’s appearance very soft or mushy, the most recommended are materials like leather or suede.
  • If you want to see sports: you have more freedom, plays with the colours of your daily clothing to choose your bag and not worry about much material. What such a grey? See testing that it makes you look better and fresher.
  • If you want to see retro: using bright as the Orange butane combined with brown or yellow mustard colors. Retro style is inspired by designs of the 50, 60 and 70 years. The retro shoulder bags are usually printed with a characteristic of this time typography and it plays with striped or simple geometric elements.
  • If you want to see vintage: opt for the Lois bandoliers of worn leather. Other materials such as printed canvas, also reflect this style with a touch of “stale”.

What is the trend?

The Messenger bag is a bag with long handle and that crosses the chest from shoulder to hip height. It is a current, modern and practical complement which, day by day, gaining followers in the male wardrobe. We will continue seeing shoulder bags for men for many years, both in an office outfit (the boring bags were displaced) as in a cool and casual look .

In addition to handbags and shoulder bags of man, Lois also has a collection of computer cases with greater capacity as that we show you here below.

Insurance is there a Lois shoulder bag for you!

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