EU Promises Lower Mobile Phone Charges And Faster Internet

We need to strengthen the freedom of consumers, said EU Commissioner Viviane Reding at the presentation of a corresponding package of legislation in Strasbourg. To the Member States may require future organisational separation of mains and services the large corporations. Reding will also strengthen consumer rights and set up a new EU Council authority. consumers have more choice, lower prices and better quality of services, said Reding. Core of their package is the distribution

of the groups in network operators and service providers at the management level, insofar as the last mile is concerned. This is the last section of the line to the home terminal, which is among others in Germany still owned by Deutsche Telekom. The Commission’s proposals lead to prevent investment in billions of dollars, a spokesman for the Bonn company criticized. required more transparency for customers, prices and conditions of the telecom provider should be clearer. Transparency is the most important element that we need to realize, said Reding. The change should take only one day from one provider to another. The Commissioner would like to consumers also more against viruses and junk on the Internet protect the new supervisory authority is the Brussels plans, not parent to national regulators working in parallel. She should ensure especially the comparability of conditions for companies in the 27 EU Member States. The Member States in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament agree. must build of the planned authority but the SPD group in the European Parliament already called first to exploit the powers of national regulatory authorities. Also the Association of providers of telecommunications and value-added services VATM criticised the construction of a central regulator response the goal of the European Commission, to ensure even for a more efficient regulation in the Member States. the Commission also plans to increase access to broadband networks. She want to use the frequencies which are free during the changeover from analogue to digital television. The ARD Chairman Fritz Raff warned the broadcasting need in the future sufficient frequencies. The frequencies were not purely economic goods, said the Association of private broadcasting and Telemedia (VPRT). The groups of the SPD and Greens criticized the planned trading of spectrum as oriented too much towards market interests. (DPA/UL)» Advisor: an end to the terror of advertising on the phone.