Energy Saving LED Lighting

Champs Elysees illuminate the RGB LED bulb

It is in recent years that illuminate the Champs Elysées open fire to different primary colors, either red, blue or yellow, all kinds of color and delighted spends most young and elderly.


With the difficulties that currently the company, the savings could be achieved every day are numerous, whether in culture, food or vacation.

Energy saving LED bulb

Through the use of LED ring, LED strips and RGB LED bulb you can find on the josephnightlights, Champs Elysees are lit with thousands of lights from 23 November 2011 and this for Christmas festivities.

Indeed with LED lamps, a saving of almost 40% in energy is achieved with respect to the duration and power consumption during 2010 to the end of year and Christmas lights with the Our site.

Be prepared to see its illuminations if you live in the most beautiful capital in the world and enjoy a few moments of bright light and low-energy.