Endurance Belstaff Boots


True to its image as a manufacturer of clothing motorcycle to survey the entire planet, Belstaff proposes boots Endurance. Look vintage, standards of protection, they are not unlike another model that we tested, and much less costly.

Looking for retro motorcycle boots but who do not forget to protect the day Holy Bowl decides to take an interest in you? Belstaff proposes the Endurance. Despite their name, these boots are not destined to the track or off-road but rather to the road and to the city, in the long term. Metal, loops soles anti-slip and protections are in the game. With a vintage appearance that is not unknown to us.

Belstaff Endurance: Bold typed boots leather

Even with a pair of jeans worn by top boots, these Endurance cannot impersonate city shoes once you are not on the bike. And it is not their goal. Belstaff plays here at bottom the card of the retro and the spirit “road movie”, with a thick leather (1.4 to 1.6 mm) fat and proudly exposed metal loops. For the comfort and practical aspects, is however by a zip closure hidden on the inside. Similarly, a membrane will ensure watertightness. Finally, the sole comes from Vibram, which should guarantee a good vibration absorption and a true walking comfort. Shells at the ankles and reinforcements to the heel and the forefoot load protection. The Endurance are also certified according to the latest version of the standard EN 13634, which isn’t always the case with the boots on the look, far from it.

Available from 40 to 46, Themeparktour Endurance boots appear to € 376. A rate, especially as, in their design as their appearance, they greatly resemble the Legend RS Stylmartin, Italian brand also, having its headquarters at 36 kilometers from Belstaff. Sold 150 less, 7 errors game, we were able to find only 2.