Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

After discovering the collection Untold makeup, we present the famous Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden, the cream most in demand of this brand that has conquered consumers and celebrities from around the world!

Flagship product of the brand Elizabeth Arden, the Eight Hour Cream is a classic and legendary skincare product that moisturizes and protects the skin, in every situation.

Do you think that has won even won 114 prestigious international award beauty! Eight Hour Cream has become the beauty secret of many women who elected accomplice faithful, which never separate.


Eight Hour Cream is the inevitable product in the beauty of many celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Claudia Schiffer: its versatility has made it a super product used even by models and make up artist.


It was in 1930 when Miss Arden formulated a ‘apricot emulsion to treat the legs of his beloved horses from the wounds caused by the harsh winter temperatures: soon turned out that ointment also amazing on the hands of those who applied on animals. At the time, Florence Nightingale Graham, aka Miss Arden, was already known as the first beauty specialist of the time thanks to its luxurious preparations that from the heart of Manhattan were exported up to London.

The success of the products of Arden lady was such that whenever the lady of the red door gave birth to a new product, the New Yorkers women rushed in front of his salon to obtain the latest and scope myself to try jealously at home. This happened also for the balm apricot Miss Arden: the rich cream became a must have, a ubiquitous presence in the beauty of the most chic women of the city that applied in the evening to soothe the skin during the night.

How did the name Eight Hour Cream? Two years after its creation, a loyal customer wrote a letter to Miss Arden telling the incredible results with a albiccoca ointment: he applied the cream on son’s scraped knee and “eight hours later he noticed a marked improvement “in the appearance of skin.


What are the concrete effects that can be achieved? Here are some of the benefits reported by those who have used the Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden, and in particular the actions that carries out this cream:
– protects the skin from drying caused by wind, heating and air conditioning;
– illuminates cheeks, eyelids and lips;
– offers relief to legs after shaving, soothes irritation and relieves redness;
– draws harmoniously eyebrows;
– is a beauty treatment for your hands;
– is a perfect antidote for tired feet;
– regenerates the skin after long trips plane, helping it to regain its natural moisture;
– relieves bruises and minor skin irritations, including wounds and abrasions;
– polished and nourishes the hair, in addition to being a small remedy for split ends;
– is great moisturizer for cuticles.

Another use that you recommend? Try to apply it on the elbows or heels, areas where the skin is often dry and rough, you will see results after a few applications!

What makes it so effective cream  Eight Hour in all these different uses is a combination of ingredients that protect and keep the skin moisturized, of a beta-hydroxy acid, which plays remedial action, and vitamin E. Unfortunately it is not a product green, it contains petrolatum. For now the company has decided to maintain its original formula. In fact, it is precisely this formulation that has ensured its success over the years.


Where can you buy? Eight Hour is on sale in all stores as Healthknowing.com that sell the Elizabeth Arden brand at a price of about 20,00 Euro. For example you can buy it in perfume Douglas( buy now at a cost of 19,99 Euro).

What do you think? Have you ever tried Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden? Did you already know this product? Let us know what you think!