Eliza on the Cover of Look Totally Awesome

Eliza uses transparencies and lace on the cover of the magazine photoshoot totally awesome

Worth follow Eliza looks, character of Marina Ruy Barbosa, who doesn’t even follow the novels. The work of the costume is awesome and adds value to the body and the strengths of the actresses-everything that we like to do with lingerie!

We enjoyed the scenes displayed this week, in which Eliza photographed as a model, your first essay and used two beautiful dresses in the production.

Lace dress

In a sophisticated look, the costume meant to enhance the curves and bring a more “Mermaid”, stretching the body of Marina and highlighting shapes. The rent brings more sophistication and elegant transparency. As the textures of the look are present in income, suggest flat on lingerie, in the tone of your skin. They serve as background and should not interfere with the effect of the drawings of the fabric you want to value, in case the rent. High waist panties (like Hot Pants) or shaping shorts are lingerie perfect for that kind of look. Let the adhesive bra back free, which can be very important depending on the model of the dress. Marina used a similar model, because the back is free of the BRA measurements, expendable at this point.

Romance of the White

According to the costume designers of the novel, white was chosen to provide an angelic air photos, and the purity of the little girl who goes to work in the big city would be shown somehow in this first test of the model. For this, a natural, bright but make with your mouth well red, loose hairs and ready: that’s the recipe for a star.

The choice of dress was guided by the desire for something with transparency and it was lightweight, flowing. So the choice of dress made with tulle in various prints and rents, with fluid and asymmetric cuts ensure lightness that makes you swing with the wind.

The ideal lingerie for a total look white as light as this should be white, without doubt. The romanticism of the dress combines with a Spanx or Bras with the romantic details.

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