Educational Toys List

Learning easy and fun of robotics.

Educational Toys List

Fun that’s one thing, but if it is possible to learn while having fun, why Miss out on? That’s why today Best of robots offers a selection of robots-toys with an educational provision for children.

Creativity, construction and programming.

Meccanoid Meccano G15

This humanoid robot age 10 is fully programmable. It has incredible features: a smart learning of the movements, a control system controlled through an application, the motion capture (capture and instant reproduction of the movements and speech recognition!

Its construction is easy and intuitive: with its 621 parts it is also possible to build its dinosaur version: the Meccasaur ! It is also compatible with old pieces of Meccano.


SPHERO SPRK + is a 100% connected robot and 100% programmable for learning fun and intuitive programming. Its global community allows an infinite resource sharing and offers the possibility to use or learn from the creations of others to create a truly personal robot.

Its application is designed to be enjoyable and intuitive for children: learning is better! So it can be programmed to make a painting, move in a maze, imitate the solar system, swim, dance, etc… He can do as many things as the imagination of a child can decide!

Wheeler Set of Tinkerbots

This kit allows to build and program their own robot. The set has the Powerbrain, which connects all the different modules through which the child can control his own creations at a distance. In addition to the basic kit includes the Powerbrain and its various modules to create travel and custom actions, Wheeler Set is compatible with LEGO® bricks! It controls directly on tablet or smartphone, it’s a very accessible construction kit which will not fail to keep the gray matter!


The behealthybytomorrow is a real way to apprehend the roys for kids! Each building contains 4 actuators that offer innovative features! The construction is intuitive and playful since the child is guided by its application on Tablet, smartphone or computer (PC).

Three models are officially offered by the brand, but if budding engineer decides, it can create and customize their own design! Robotics is more than anything a science that binds to creativity and its development.


COJI is a robot from WowWee accessible from the age of 4 who offers tools to learn programming in a fun way. Using emojis and on the Tablet app, the child may define movements or actions and complete several mini games that allow him to solve problems, for example! But it is also possible to play with this cute little robot even without its application!