Eco Friendly Faux Leather Jacket

In recent years, on the shelves of our prize store began to emerge products mysterious. This is a high-tech material developed by scientists in the recent past. Unlike usual polyurethane, it is safe and durable, and leather – even in its composition and inexpensive. So more and more girls stopped their choice on practical and beautiful female jacket.

Characteristics of Eco-leather Jackets for Women

Eco-leather three-layer material that simulates your appearance leather. It was based on cotton canvas, strong and elastic stretching. On top was a layer of leather with the addition of various synthetic materials based on cellulose. The third layer serves polyurethane coating.

Eco-leather resistant to low temperatures, which is particularly important, and does not release harmful substances when heated. Moreover well permeable to air and does not create greenhouse effect inherent in models of artificial skin.
Appearance eco-leather fully imitate natural analogues, but, unlike the leather, it is less prone to defects, it lacks the diversity of thickness. And thanks to the fact that the size of the canvas eco-leather not tied to the size fur designers open curator of options for tailoring of this material. Short and long models of jackets eco-leather can find and try it in different stores, and they strike with its variety: in style romantic, flared at the bottom, or vice versa collected gum duplicate classic jacket or coat with support collar, long sleeves and 3/4, all colors of the rainbow. The choice is really big.

Autumn and Winter Jackets from Eco-leather

Of course, more often can meet autumn models jackets eco-leather from since the winter of our compatriots are still used to select a comfortable materials. Autumn models jackets and cloaks do not normally contain uteplennoy lining, but can fitted with hoods that will protect from the weather.
Winter jackets eco-leather are often sewn with leather, which is applied as a finish or sleeves, and they watered collar models. Such jackets are uteplennuyu lining, allowing you to wear them, even in extreme cold and winds. Choosing a winter jacket eco-leather will provide himself a beautiful appearance, solid protection from snow and will also save money because such jackets much cheaper their natural analogues.