Ear Pierced with 42 and a Skirt with Wallpaper Pattern

In the age of branding, piercings, large tattoos, ornamentals and huge tunnels in the ear, I write a post about ear piercing…
Believe it or not, but I have now 42 years without hole in the ear. This is not quite true. When I was 9 years old, I got the holes for the Communion, because they were the same, the holes were after two weeks of history… So I think I can say that I was 42 years nowhere perforated where it was not provided on site. Unbelievable…. I think I’ve mentioned before that I do not like the finality of such accessories… and the outfit is still a bit of summer and it remains a rock-this time with wallpaper pattern.
I also believe that it is no longer ear piercing, but is determined Piercing or something. It is definitely no longer shot with a gun on one. Of course, this whole thing was not really spontaneous… No, actually it was a New Year’s Effort… hehe… but somehow I was then always “busy” to the stecher ähhh, so the earlochstecher of my trust… of course also not without Before the big search engine competency to question. This makes me smile somehow: in the early eighties, when I got my first ear holes, there was no Internet. At that time one went to the hairdresser, the rather earlochgeschossen, for pricked and with good luck, even in the right place. The body was finished according to HEALTHVV.

Dangerous Hanging

As I said, I naturally questioned the WWW and then I immediately rejected the idea. Ear piercing seems to come right after bungeejumping and S-Bahn surfing. It is extremely dangerous for body and life and I gained the impression that breast enlargement would be safer. But that was somehow also not an option. Then I would cheat my whole Google visitors, which end with the search word “nix in the blouse” here. I wonder if all the people with ear holes know that this is really a dangerous thing that they hang around the um in the lapel. So I have thought up my plan so for 8 months, balanced all the advantages and disadvantages, then completely spontaneously the man to the shop to grind, so that he documented my crass courage. I’ve been waiting for 20 days to tell you about it… better would have been 6 weeks. But oh man wait so long … O 🙂

From Ear Piercing

But the loble is comparable to a large building site for 6 weeks. It requires great attention in the care and I have to turn twice daily on the plug and of course I have also bought the sinfully expensive care product. It also comes twice a day on the perforated lobes. So much attention has not received my ear in the last 42 years and frankly I’m glad, if these 6 weeks full-time care are around again. However, I can not imagine ever to wear other plugs than the one that I missed the ear piercing. I do not think I’ll bring in any other earrings. But I am sure, I will also find the right guide on the Internet…

Rock With Wallpaper Pattern

So, now is enough of the ear piercing. Now we come to the wallpaper pattern skirt, which always reminds me of my childhood because of its pattern… In the dining room the wall was similarly decorated  (Affiliatelink) and I believe the wallpaper with Cla by glam up you lifestyle looks similar. So far, I’ve always worn the skirt with pumps… but I think he’s going with Sneakerbomb … A great week, I wish you all the best!!!!
Rock: H & M-I did not find one like that anymore, mine is already two years old. But at the moment, there is such a wonderful skirt with cellar folds  (Affiliatelink) and if you like, even red striped. 
Shoes: Bugatti  (Affiliatelink) at Amazon they still exist. 
Blouse: ??? (I’ve eternally) 
Chain: Stella & Dot