“E”, “G”, “H”, “H +” and “3G”

It is natural that we see these acronyms stamped on the screen of our gadgets. Many people know or imagine that they refer to the exchange of data between your carrier and your smartphone. Well, that is correct; But what does it really mean? The variation between these acronyms is always common, since we live in a country where the data service offered by the mobile telephony operators is precarious and the relief of Brazil does not help in the stability of the signal.

"E", "G", "H", "H +" and "3G"

But what about acronyms?Well, they represent the connection technology being used at that time.Each of them has different baud rate and some are so slow that it irritates anyone.Let’s see:


This is the acronym for EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) technology. It is the evolution of General Packet Radio Service ( GPRS ) technology. Its total transmission capacity is 473Kbps , but here it reaches a maximum of 100Kbps !In short: if your cell phone is using this method of connection you will hardly be able to open Google!


Old but much used, this technology is weak in data transmission. Its total data transmission capacity is only 171Kbps , but hardly exceeds 30Kbps.Opera Summary: Do not even spend your credits trying to send a message through whatsapp because it will not roll.


Anyway a significant evolution! High Speed Packet Access or HSPA for the intimate matches the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) standard. The much-requested “H” is the confirmation that we are, theoretically , in a high-speed network. Its maximum connection capacity is up to 14Mbps. Calm down, do not be happy, because hardly (being too generous talking hard) you will get this rate with your mobile operator.

H +:

It is the evolution of the “H”. When viewing this acronym on your cell phone, make sure your connection speed is significantly improved. Not all smartphones support this technology, unfortunately. Evolved HSPA reaches incredible rates of 168Mbps for download and 22Mbps for upload.


Although the last two technologies are called “3G”, they are not. “3G” refers to the third generation of the technology of wireless connection with the internet and offers capacity of only 2Mbps of connection.

Your smartphone will always select the strongest connection at the time.So even if you are in an area where HSPA and EDGE technologies are offered, for example, if the “E” signal is stronger, you will be automatically connected to the WEB through this medium.

Some manufacturers offer the option to select only one connection mode.To find out if your phone has this feature, check with your manufacturer.