Dresses Autumn Winter 2016

The dresses are very feminine clothing and indispensable in all seasons, and autumn-winter is no exception; therefore we present trends in dresses for this season.

1. Coverall Print

Coveralls are the most used clothes in cold seasons because under them can wear sweaters or long-sleeved shirts under them. Remember that the winter season is ideal for use leggings under dresses and boots.

2. Type Baby Doll Dress

This style of dress is very comfortable and easy to use, especially if you accompany with open suéreres or waisted coats that give more shape to your body. You can also use a belt on them to mark your waist.

3. Prints Autumn

Straight dresses with billowing fabrics and cuttlefish or olive green colors are ideal for the start of this season when the cold is not yet established. The prints are usually autumnal motifs such as leaves or flowers and are generally small. Combine them with boots that reach below the knee.

4. Short in solid colors

Autumn is a season in which the cold is not so intense so short dresses are still an option, but, being the somewhat cool weather, the colors are carried darker and either with discrete prints or solid blocks as in this example. You can wear tights with dresses design under solid colors.

5. Printed Tunic

Cool colors like blue, violet and white, are perfect for the late fall and beginning of winter. If you want to wear a short dress like this, we recommend you to come with more winter accessories like mayones, boots and a wool cap.

6. Long Dress Asymmetrical

The asymmetrical design is perfect for any season, but long dresses are even more ideal in cold seasons like autumn and winter. Choose fabrics of a medium thickness and autumn colors like green, brown or orange.

7. Type Sweater Dress

This style of dress is the most comfortable and warm so it is convenient to use when the temperature is cold enough. Opt for dresses tissue and small that have an accessory at the waist to help you mark; also if you have any print, make sure it is discreet.

8. Wrap Dress Type

Dresses shaped coat are widely used in these seasons because of its comfort and warmth they bring; In addition, by having defined cuts, they will shape your body without effort. Remember that the colors should be combined with the season, do not use pastel colors.

9. Dress with Turtleneck

If the dress you want to wear this season is short but has a high neck or turtle will be perfect for this season, especially if the fabric is thick or woven. You can use them with thick socks and designs if your dress is smooth, smooth stockings or if you have any pattern.

10. Dress Cruzado

Wrap dresses are ideal for marking your figure, will emphasize your waist and neck V-shaped stylize your figure. This is a style of dress that can be used in any season, which will be noted in autumn color and accessories that combine.

These are algunso styles dresses with whom you never fail in this autumn-winter season. Remember that sepia colors, olive green and cool colors are adequate for this time of year.