Dress Up Your Walls

To dress your walls, solutions abound.

The interior goes largely by the atmosphere that you will give to your rooms. Color, material, texture are very important because the wall can absorb or reflect light. Find the style that suits you from the effects of materials like Tadelakt or polished concrete, the effects of paint , but the paint or stickers paper. A brief overview.

Painting side
several options available to you. Example Wall trend, the polished concrete. Easy care and impact-resistant, polished concrete provide a modern and discreet charm to your home. You’ll find it in commerce. Read more on the polished concrete here.
Do you know the effects of painting? The possibilities are many: the bands of color on a wall, the sponge painting, or metallic paint. More traditional, but equally effective, wallpaper which returns to the front of the stage with new original patterns and warm textures. The good idea is to ask a single lé wallpaper on a wall for the showcase. Paper painted side out record wallpaper. Finally, to customize quickly and easily, wall decals are perfect. Sham, baroque, design or with natural patterns, make your choice! > View neovideogames selection of wall stickers.