Download Flashlight for Mac

Use our iPhone as a flashlight is really simple. We have already seen that we only have to download an application that use our camera’s flash to do it. But what if you don’t have a mobile phone by hand? If the only thing that is within our reach is our computer then have that find a way to turn it into a flashlight.

We have already seen how download flashlights for Windows PC. This time we will see how to do the same with a Mac. Although there is not much difference in how it is made through

Use a blank page

The form more simple of convert our computer in a flashlight is place the brightness of the screen to the Max and use a page in white. Everything you need to do to get this is to open your browser and type the following line in the address bar:

This you will send to a completely blank page which will be sufficient to illuminate what’s on a radio close to the computer screen.

Download flashlight for Mac

In contrast to Windows, Mac does not have a specific application for computers that turn the team into a flashlight. This is basically because the camera on your computer does not have flash, and the only thing that could be done for using the Mac as a flashlight is completely white screen.

It is of exactly the same that we get in Windows with the White application. But if you don’t want to have to open a window in your browser all the time, you can always download flashlight Led HD, which turns your screen into a completely white coat to illuminate all your around.

It is certainly useful when we are in a place without light and we want to illuminate what’s around us. But the light that gives the screen isn’t as powerful as that can offer a common flashlight.