Downlight Barcelonaled 20W 4000K

Consumption: 20 W (measured 14,16,18,21W)
Energy rating: A+
Equivalence: 2x26W CFL
Lumens: 1740 lm (1650lm)
Color: 4000K
Adjustable: No
Dimensions: 240 x 20 mm
Duration: 35000 hours
Price: €12.97.
Angle: 160°
Power factor: 0.9
CRI: > = 80
Source: Barcelonaled (China)

Once seen 20W downlight features already discussed in this blog, I decided to buy the same model 20W but with light neutral (4000 K) colour, thinking that the light would be more natural and also so would have a “backup” driver if is broken which already had.

Surprise when I get this downlight and the box in which it comes has a downlight instead of circular photo (by turning it has the picture of the circular) and it is not simple cardboard as the one of the donwlight of 3500K, I also see who comes dressed in plastic so no scratching and in general appears to be of better quality of construction.
The downlight has a label where it says 1650 lumens, while the website questioned 1740 lumens according to LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.COM.
And the biggest surprise yet when I go to change the downlight that I have already installed 3500 k and try to connect it I see that the driver jack going backwards than the other (one driver jack is male and the other is female, so although the drivers should be supported were not interchangeable). The jack that seems to be mounted backwards is 3500K downlight because of 4000K downlight match of the SevenOn downlight.
The driver apart from the jacks, is not exactly the same, this puts 300 mA 48-85 VDC and the ignition is not instantaneous: it takes a second to turn on.
Once lit, this downlight gives a lot of light (more than 3500K), but it has the drawback that it takes a second to turn on, but like the color of light that gives me much more than the other.
After half an hour on, the temperature is 42 ° C, so this certainly will lengthen your life to avoid overheating.
Therefore I recommend the purchase of this downlight: by price, amount of light and low operating temperature. We’ll see if the duration of 35000 hours approaching reality or not…