Down Sleeping Bag Temperatures


Overall a well-studied down with a good comfort of use especially in connection with the swelling and the quality of interior fabrics.

The ability to open the bottom of the zip allows versatile use by temperatures above 5 ° C to + 10 ° C opening downwards and leaving enough open up.

The relative width of the down allows use by temperatures below -4 ° C with a jacket or more thinner layers.

Comfort is very satisfied with the silky fabrics and lightness of the feather.However, there are some negatives;

– A little noticed discomfort with the closing of the hood which brings the tanka and the pull of the zip front face.

– Some difficulties with the zip that demands to be taken well in line otherwise it gets stuck easily. Note the fluorescent strip that can be found more easily at night.

No real collar but a bead on top of hood and along the sarcophagus which create a kind of insulating collar tightening, not bad thought, simple and precise adjustment with the two cords.

The hood is quite small but it did not bother me for now. In colder and more windy conditions, it would be large enough to insulate the head?

The bead which I call “anti-cold flap” along the zip is fine, it falls naturally along the zipper and well protected from the cold.

There is a really small storage pocket, thought for contact lenses. This is a limited space. Fortunately we place inside to put down the camera and sensitive material to cold.



The compression bag, once will not hurt, seems to me oversize. Obviously this makes filling, but by tightening the compression straps to the maximum, we remain in a somewhat unusual Volume 600 g packing (see the end of the video).In fact there is a margin squeeze that could give the duvet but the compression bag does not operate. Pity.


Prices down really interesting to me , I now see this sleeping bag less than 200 € in gradphysics and up to 270 € (2013) .. not bad at all, and it goes in the direction of the German magazine that Bergsteiger has rated best value in March 2012.


Tracking tests

End of August 2013. Camp at 2650m high Ubaye. Always pleasant feeling of warmth as soon as one comes in, especially after a downpour of sleet that severely cooled the atmosphere. The comfort of the pen is to go with a generous swelling. Thermal performance is not fantastic, but it is doing well by adjusting the shoulder flange and adding a layer.The compression sack is inefficient and detrimental for activities where the volume gain is important. Overall, I confirm my general opinion: it is a good product in relation to its price.