Down Sleeping Bag Maintenance

A sleeping bag or duvet coat is among the most important items to carry in your backpack. Over time, the accumulation of moisture from transpiration, food and dirt stains can however lead to deterioration of the insulation and the fabric.

Cleaning The Fluff Articles

To clean any article of down, you need to:

  • The article in question
  • A mild soap or solvent specially developed to clean the fluff
  • A washing machine front load or sink
  • Dryer (a bit of patience and a good book)
  • A tennis shoe or some clean tennis balls

Note: Dry cleaning and down whitening products are not recommended.


  1. Washing . Close your slides before proceeding to washing. In a sink, gently wash the item in soapy water or use a washing machine front loading because load washer top with central agitator might tear the shell or partitions to section washed.
  2. Rinse . The article should then be rinsed thoroughly. In the case of a hand wash, press the article so as to bring out the much water as possible. The spin cycle of a washing machine, however, did a much better job and significantly reduces drying time.
  3. Drying . (It is not recommended by sleepingbagsexpo to dry down sleeping bag of a section in the open as this encourages the growth of mold which can damage the down filled.) Use a front-loading dryer and choose the least hot as possible temperature setting. Add a tennis shoe or some clean tennis balls in the dryer prevents the formation of lumps in the down and restores the volume of the article washed. Down a dry section takes time – the perfect opportunity to read a book. Ensure that fluff article completely dry before removing from the dryer.

Own Articles

Keep items in own blanket. Avoid direct skin contact because skin oils can contaminate the down.


Never let a sleeping bag or duvet coat in her tote. If a sleeping bag or coat tablets are too long, their insulation may take permanent creases. Between trips, it is best to store your sleeping bag in a clean, ventilated area. A sleeping bag can become unusable if stored without that it has been properly dried