Down Coat for Cold Weather

The icy minus degrees make especially difficult the step on the own doorstep in this weather, or?And the annoying: every morning one stands before the Cabinet and all the time the same question arises: “What I should wear just at these temperatures?” It should be warm after all – and look good! But the answer may be quite simple.
Who wants to give the onion look and does not want on many layers of clothing just takes your favorite outfit and pulls his down coat in. Because with a padded down jacket man does everything right in this cold weather. So one looks not only super, but comes with borrowed plumes also warm through the cold days.

The Down Being a Natural Product

While still a sweater or Cardigan must serve at the finer Mensjacketsstore, it feels nice and warm without extra jacket down coat. The down results in a pleasant and natural climate, which causes that the comfort is greatly improved.

The down is a product of nature and comes from birds. It is used to keep their own body heat and to insulate from water and ambient air. And what serves as a layer of insulation in birds, may be not entirely wrong in humans.

Care Tips for the Down Coat

Who cares its down coat and noticed a few little tricks, has a delightful piece in the wardrobe for many years. Usually, the springs can hold up to 40 years.

A few tips:

  • During storage, you should always make sure that the coat has enough space. Because the light down need sufficient space to also extend to.
  • Dear air instead of washing. When washing down loses their ability to Bausch, and hence its insulating performance. Let prefer slightly longer airing, or dirty places clean by hand.
  • If the down coat or the jacket is something dirty, there are special down detergents that are not so damaging.
  • But meticulously careful in own laundry to the washing instructions.
  • Who has washed his coat in the machine, I suggest, to give three tennis balls at maximum 40 degrees in a dryer for drying. As a result, the downs remain beautiful fluffy.
  • If you have a dryer, can dry the coat of course also in the air. While you should shake again and again down, to avoid a caking.

Who so would not freeze in cold temperatures and still look good, which should access to the stylish down coat. Here there are beautiful models in oversize.