Double Collar Button Down Shirts

BonneGueule x Hartford button down shirts

Before entering the heart of the matter, I tells you that finishes are obviously the same for the two shirts, if this is the treatment of the tissue that is different (I will later).

In this regard, materials come from the Spanish Weaver Sidogras. It is a partner with which Hartford has used to work, for the quality of its materials and the success of its print.

Two different designs: camo and geometry

We start with a camo pattern stamped on one full of authenticity chambray.

Camo returns a certain side badass, without being first degree, through the washing of the material. It relies on more raw, close to the American world, influences who find themselves into the treatment of chambray.

When the shirt is mounted, the piece goes through several stages of dyeing to ensure a nice patina to use.

For the most curious, Benedict wrote a complete about the OMB during our last collaboration with Maharishi.

In contrast, the shirt to geometrical micro-motifs is full of sweet 😉

The material used is a veil of cotton very comfortable to wear. The grounds provide the variety and detail, without being ostentatious.

And we also gave him a small wash, little pronounced this time to gain smooth and eliminate all made too “new”.

The finishing touches

Because it does not change a winning team, you will find all the finishes you love on a shirt:

  • The buttons are sized in the issue nacre of shells of the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan.They are also sewn cross for added strength.
  • The bevelled wrists are, as the collar, mounted in free : they allow to be turn more easily in order to peacefully remove his barbecue skewers.
  • Fashion English9 is a finish that you won’t see at Hartford. The brand has agreed to develop specially for us.
  • Of course, the swallows of reinforcement are also present on the shirts.

Where are the shirts made?

The shirts are manufactured in a workshop located in the Morocco, having almost as Hartford as a client.

As a result, the brand is free to request improvements continuously on the manufacture of shirts. That’s why we were able to ask pliers bend and English seams.

How to choose its size?

As we told you, Hartford has revised its sizing for this collab. We’re on a very classical basis, simply take your usual size!

If you are between two sizes, take the smallest.

How to get the shirts button down with Hartford.

Shirts are now available in the topschoolsoflaw.

  • Washed camo print shirt
  • Veil of micro patterns cotton shirts

If you are in Paris, you can already come try out them right now (we are open on Sundays!) he, in our shop at 14, Commines Street! Lyon friends, you will find them from Tuesday to our shop from 3, street Henri IV.