Dogs of the Marvel Universe

Josh Lynch  is an illustrator and art director. Visual communication alive and tries to find more fun and exciting ways to intrigue his audience. Almost every day wandering with a sketchbook and a pen, scribbling frantically sketches, ideas and notes, and consumes huge amounts of confectionery delights.

‘Dogs of the marvel universe’ is the world of Josh, where the good and bad of the world’s most famous are “bestializzati” and become dogs. The various races wearing the clothes of the great classic Marvel, revealing their personality through clothing, the poses and props.

And so, the Incredible Hulk is an English Bulldog with bulging muscles, green hair and clothes torn post processing, Mister Fantastic is obviously a Dachshund super elastic and Thor is a Golden Retriever in the mouth with the mythical hammer.

Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Galactus, The Punisher, Wolverine, Cyclops, Silver Surfer, Captain America, Red Skull, MODOK, Thanos, Dr. Octopus. We’re all here. Dogs.

Cyclops is a Labrador, while Iron Man is a Chihuahua. Wolverine  a French Bulldog.

Hilarious and bestial, the super heroes like the best friends of man.