Does Not Want More Bras From Victoria’s Secret

Think of Victoria’s Secret is the same thing I think of sexy models, true’s blood in my urine, dressed in lingerie ultra sexy and full of income. In the past, this image could be a hit among women, but it seems that, currently, this vision – regarded by many as sexist – no has the same effect on consumers.

The brand has found problems to reach the millennials, the new generation that began to see the world quite differently. That’s because this audience in particular, is looking for pieces that are more comfortable and natural and no longer want to look ultra sexy in the closet.

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, the company’s shares have fallen 29 percent so far, in 2016, because of this change of focus from the public. Because of this, they are thinking of reviving the whole picture of the label to attract this audience as distinct from your business plan.

“You have these other brands that are much less sexy and more focused on what is natural,” said analyst Simon Siegel for the Wall Street Journal, according to the British publication. “It’s too early to say if they will steal 1 1 large portion of profit from Victoria’s Secret, but it’s not too early to say that there is a preference of the public.”

This means that the Angels — that is, the super models that represent the lingerie brand – along with his extravagant parades and sexy and very daring outfits will start to give more room for pieces that are comfortable enough and if similar to models, as the tops.

The millenial generation, that is, composed of individuals who were born from the mid-1980 ‘s, are seeking for proposals sets that conform to a lifestyle that is much more natural and sustainable.

This younger audience already proved he is more in line with the standards set in previous decades, especially thinking of the years 1980 and 1990, when the consumption suffered a boom and the standards of beauty have gained strength in the world and in the media.

Even so, the slow fashion movement, that is, the fashion conscious and focused on quality and not quantity, has gained a lot of fans in this generation. The idea of a more natural look and minimalist, which trapped the comfort, also has shown your strength every day.

Because of this, the brand has decided not to sell your line of swimsuits and bikinis, swimwear, later this year to focus their efforts in athletic clothes.

A survey by the NPD Group showed that 41% of women who are this generation used a sports bra, more comfortable without bulge or hoops, over a period of seven days compared with 21% of women who are not Millenials.

“Comfort is a dominant theme through the fashion world, and consumers of bras so looking for physical and personal comfort,” said Marshal Cohen, NPD.

This just reflects an important moment of fashion, as a whole, in which women are seeking to take their bodies as they are and not to sacrifice in favor of a standard of beauty.