Do You Have Denmark’s Worst Telecommunications Company? Check It Here

A new study reveals the best and the worst telcos in Denmark, you will know whether your are among the best or worst?

Dissatisfaction vary greatly from telco to telco, but our site are the ones with the worst customer loyalty, as well as those who provide customers with at least value.

It beats a new study firmly drawn up from 3,000 Danish mobile customers’ replies in a web-form, by consultant House Loyalty Group, it is write our site.

At the other end of the investigation lies CBB and BiBoB among the most positive point in the study who scored.

-“As a private customer, you often wonder what justifies the higher prices with Vodafone, Telenor, 3 and TDC. When the basic performance comes from the same network, and you can buy the same phones from small companies, what is it for a value added, speaking with the customer’s eyes, the large companies provide?, “asks Director and senior advisor Mikkel Grain tved from the company behind the study.

Below you can see the responses from the survey.