Do You Have a Professional Downturn? Watch These Movies!

Joy is released to the Oscar. The criticism is almost unanimous recognition to Jennifer Lawrence as the main value of the tape. And I do not deny the merit of the actress, of course, but I think his character is a candy. What viewer not be enamoraría a humble worker you just converted into the cottage industry magnate?

All have dreamed of something so at one time or another in our professional lives. A stroke of luck It changes everything, we start from the grey carpet and prefabricated panels of our office, which We bid farewell to the Chief rather than live in fear to be the one who dismiss us. If you’ve seen Joy and you are left with the desire to give a change your working life, Here are some movies more than they can inspire you.

Erin Brockovich

If anyone has not seen this film – I doubt it-, you are losing precious time. Is the show that, sometimes, doesn’t matter so much training or that perfect resume all look like hard work and the empathy.


Proof that the prestige and money they are not everything. If you have the enormous luck of working in the sector with which you always soñasteis, but don’t you just feel you made… why not let everything and recover our roots?

Weapons of woman

Okay this will be the film that we learn a flawless work ethic. And it is better that this world of New York in the 1980s, with the entire universe of yuppie is quite old fashioned. But if you ever need a boost ambition, few best examples I can think of. That Yes, that you not blind passion, and you finish with the hairstyle of Melanie Griffith.

In search of happiness

The story of a homeless person that becomes in a billionaire businessman Wall Street can give too much vertigo. Indeed, would not have any credibility if it weren’t because… is based on! real facts! So, why not?

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is the perfect plan if that is our greatest professional problem hateful boss you have nightmares. The image of Andy pulling your Blackberry to a Parisian source is the paradigm of the dreams of many workers.

But there is much more that we can learn from the Devil Wears Prada. In a very simplistic view, Andy is good and Miranda, the bad. But, do and everything that we can inspire one women’s success who’s afraid of the fashion industry? I can not help it: Miranda Priestly is my weakness.

The Full Monty

Finish perhaps converted into third strippers seems not to have us inspiration ideal if We are looking for a job change. But the second readings that can be drawn from this mythical film of the 1990s are enormous, from a hymn to imagination in times of despair to the dignity of a job well done.

Up in the Air

If something should have learned last time is that not all have the same ambitions. There will be people for whom it is essential to be every evening back home at five in the afternoon, and others that would ride haunted his office on a plane. If you are one of these, or if you are considering… be it this is your movie. Ah! And sale George Clooney.


And if our life’s work is in a place where We never? A place where we just finding our site by the simple fact to empathize with someone. Or for any other reason. Untouchable is always one safe bet to overcome a downturn, professional or any other.

The factors They determine that end up in one or another job tend to be quite random: a stroke of luck (or misfortune), a tip-off of an acquaintance or, often, the simple chance. Rarely we sit ourselves to reflect on the possibility to change everything.

Examples of these movies may seem like advertising spots that have been called American Dream. At the beginning of the article, said that many times we waited a stroke of luck We pulled out the hated work. Bad news: never is a stroke of luck he succeeds. It is usually a mixture of hard work, perseverance and value, great value. I would even say that a bit of unconsciousness. But there is one good news: It is worth. Always.