Do You Dream to Participate in the OLYMPICS?

Have you always dreamed of, to participate in the Olympic games so this is now almost possible with an application from Samsung.

Would you like to win a number of Olympic medals to Denmark, then it may now be possible in application “Samsung: Take Party 2012”.

You can, among other things, will compete in penalty shootout, archery, there is “reality games”, as well as 3D games, 100 m sprint, 100 m hurdles, 100 m free in shooting and swimming.

There is also a possibility to see, for example, athletics and swimming stadium in a 360-degree view, challenge a friend or a random opponent.

So the possibility is there for, to stab Michael Phelps record of 22 medals at the Olympics – set in motion. The application also offers a lot of other content in addition to the above games.

Download the application for free in Google Play Large.