Diy for Girls Sunglasses

After school time to pull off all the fancy imaginable to keep kids occupied, keep them active and do not make them boring, apart from salt dough and corn and chores with synthetic paste you can also focus on simpler things.

A simple tutorial is to make glasses to girls funny and irreverent, perfect for letting him spend an afternoon full of DIY, building among other things something they can use.

Sunglasses for children
Little eyes for dolls of 3 different sizes (small, medium and large)
Clear glue

Choose the colored and rimmed glasses thick enough so that it is easy to attach your eyes. Take the glasses and put them on the countertop, make three piles with the eyes of three different sizes, have to do some testing to see how to place your eyes, you have to put your eyes smaller toward the Center and larger ones in the outer parts.

Put the glue in the frame of the glasses and attach your eyes, put your glasses on a sheet of parchment paper so that the glue will fall if will come off now and won’t stain.

These glasses are nice because you can use them to go to the beach or to go out with mom and dad, your eyes are moveable so these glasses will be even more cute on girls!