DIY Christmas Candles

In the House decked out for Christmas, a place of honor belongs definitely to the candles. And if candles are homemade, the party will be even more beautiful. Candles of each color, made of wax that fits perfectly with orange slices and berries, leaves and petals to invent more perfumed candles but also candles made with the help of ice that will serve to make holes or sponged effect that will make them so special and they definitely have the right atmosphere to our House.

Let us see how to make ice candles you see in the cover as described in homemade lighting.

For starters , melt white wax candles in a saucepan. Recovered with a fork the Wicks.

In another metal box, break a crayon of the chosen color. Pour the melted wax in the necessary quantity and mix. To get the most delicate shades, add white wax; For more decisive nuances, using more wax crayons. Let stand 8-10 minute wax.

Prepare the containers. Choose from cartons of milk and fruit juices, plastic bottles etc. Cut them to the desired height and pour in 1 cm of wax.

Toss in some ice cubes over the wax, pour another cm and repeat the process until you fill the container. Insert the wick.

Let cool and then tore the wrapper. The ice cubes melt, they will have created in wax irregular holes.

In the same way you can create some variations.

Candles sponge effect
To get more jagged holes, instead of the ice shed, more or less disorderly, icy water. Torn wrap very gently because these candles are very fragile.

Candles with fruits
Proceed as explained above but without adding anything to the colored wax. Decorated candles with dried orange slices or other fruit. To paste them to the candle, the candle flame and sprinkle on a briefly press (the heat will melt a thin layer of wax, paste the slice to the candle). Then, dip for a moment the candle in the melted wax to create a thin film all around.

Quite easy to make with the help of children, and maybe we could choose to use them as Christmas gifts. A gift made with your own hands makes the same gift special.

Source: creations “ideas Susanna”