DIY Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

The school has started for a while, and it certainly will have taken all those activities of socialization such as snacks, games, dinners at the home of friends and birthday parties. There we can exempt from arranging the little a birthday party at which can invite the whole class plus a few old friend, neighbors and teammates… but how to not spend a fortune and make fun afternoon? Simple, you just need to arm yourself with patience, imagination and creativity, leave for time and make us all, maybe co help from older children or grandchildren.

Today I propose a series of DIY decorations to make cozy and nice where you will organize the party, be it your home or a room of oratory.

Let’s start with something simple and affordable for everyone, to do a few days before with the children: the garlands. This accordion is made by mammafelice, go and see the explanation and you will achieve all colors.

Another simple and effective is to make garlands of balloons: choose a color themed plates and glasses and take in every shape, gonfiateli and tie them to a string.

A long necklace of felt and cloth: a little more involved in the implementation, but that you can reuse.

Anidea that is decoration and present together: the many hats of paper filled with candy and hanging from a string. Lovely, isn’t it?

You want the birthday boy have a focus? Create a special chair, as Loverists.

And to finish, fill the home of hats for your little guests, got something for them is always very welcome. These are made using newsprint embellished with rosettes.

Of course, the work of the organization is long, after you thought about Christmas ornaments and gifts, we must put hand to the buffet and cake, think about the games and how to entertain screaming children … Good luck!!!