Discover the Elegance of the Wooden Male Accessories

When it comes to the look, most men find it difficult to choose the accessories. Yes, there are many, from the smallest to the largest: cufflinks, rings, glasses and wide-brimmed hats are just a few of them.

But where to start? What are the best accessories? It all depends on your personality and style. However, a very high choice nowadays is to  bet on the men’s wooden accessories.

Widely used in the construction of furniture, in design pieces and finishes of the most varied types, the wood has entered the world of fashion for some time, given the timeless aesthetics, sophistication, versatility and excellent durability.

In the parades, in the coolest shops and on the streets, we have seen men full of personality transiting with glasses, necklaces, bracelets and even the most improbable items of wood, like shoes. Learn more in this post about wood accessories, its advantages and the best ways to combine them!

The New Fashion Of Wooden Accessories

Following a global logic of valuing the environment and human work, wooden accessories are on the rise because they are mostly sustainable (with reforestation wood or synthetic material that imitates the woody texture) and handmade (handmade).

In addition, they are lightweight, have varying shades and combine with different pieces. They can be used in both hot and cold seasons. They are also daring and flee from the commonplace of metal parts.

Another feature is that these enhancements instantly enhance a simple look. They’re great for lifting that basic look with jeans, shirt, and sneakers. Why not finalize your casual looks with a  wooden bracelet? An extra accessory that will guarantee you  confidence  and security in that comfortable clothes of always, without exaggeration.

Pieces like combs, cases  and  boxes are simple, cherish a good design, have a quality finish and practical functionality.

Advantages Of Wood Products

Wooden accessories have many advantages, which are not restricted to fashion. They are timelessobjects that carry particularities and specificities.

Here are some of the features that make them the right choice:

Durability And Resistance

Wood products have a high resistance from their own raw material. Do not shatter or break easily and do not rust like some metals. Its tone takes more time to weaken. In addition, they support more accidents and scratches caused by friction with other clothing or materials.

Thermal Insulation

Wood is a natural thermal insulation. So you will not worry about the possibility that your necklace or bracelet will almost burn when you touch your skin on the days of walking through the city in the summer.

Likewise, the part will not get too cold, even if the outside temperature is below normal. That is, it is a product whose temperature does not have great variation and that will hardly cause you any discomfort.

Affordable Cost

As long as a conscious production is maintained , for the reforestation of the trees, the wood is a very accessible material, whose final cost of the product does not rise high. Their manufacture also does not come from animal source, nor from chemicals that attack the environment.


The wood can be used in the manufacture of varied products, with different dimensions, colors and weights. It can also be used on different occasions, combining with more and less formal clothes.

For suits and tailors or blazers, prefer rings or darker wood tone clocks. Already for more casual outfits, the possibilities are endless-bracelets, small or large necklaces and eyeglasses are just a few examples.

Modern And Simple Touch

Given its natural refinement, the wooden accessory gives any look a touch of modernity, even if it is small and does not draw much attention. That is, by means of a simple piece, you gain points of elegance and daring.

The Boho Style And Wooden Male Accessories

There is no way to talk about wooden accessories and not mention the  male boho style, derived from the bohemian  style (bohemian and alternative style) that mixes different pieces from other universes.

Characterized by mixing elements of various aesthetics- mainly  bohemian, rocker, ethnic, vintage  and rustic-it combines pieces that travel through the formal and informal universe and also prides for clothes that leave the common place without giving up comfort.

Simply put, it’s a great mix of items and pieces in a lean way that has everything to do with the aesthetics of contemporary man.

As we consume more and more information, we travel with a certain frequency and we need to increasingly optimize our time, the parts we use need to pass personality and, simultaneously, versatility: the clothes to work will then become the look  for a happy hour,  a dinner or a special event at the end of the day.

This versatility is typical of style. Examples of boho male parts are:

rustic pieces with high durability, made with wood, leather and suede;

shirts and coats with prints, mainly ethnic, oriental and checked;

versatile coats such as  leather jackets  and jeans;

slim denim trousers and slim tailored slacks, more modern and fitted to the body;

boots of all kinds – from leather with ares of coturno to casual and moderns desert boots -as long as combined with pieces of other styles;

most striking accessories, especially wide-brimmed hats, necklaces and bracelets.

In addition, both the boho style and the men’s wooden accessories unite elements of elegance and boldness that adapt to the contemporary life of man.

At the time of dressing, consider mixing some less usual pieces and / or adhere to some wooden accessory to enhance your style. If you hit the question, ask someone you trust. So it’s hard to miss.

The Power Of Choosing The Right Accessory

Accessories are not just accessories or minor details when it comes to dressing. The right piece can takethe personal image from head to toe or disharmonize by contrasting and unbalancing the rest of the production.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand more about male wood accessories, their benefits and their possibilities of use. So enjoy to check out all our products from this category right now!