Discover How to Choose Ideal Jeans

Ideal Jeans discover how to choose between so many models, how to know which looks better on your body type? Is quite complicated and causes many doubts, because this piece must cherish every aspect of who’s wearing. Nothing better than having that jeans that goes with everything and serves as a glove for any occasion by dressing well and be fairly comfortable. Discover with us how to choose the perfect jeans for you.

Discover How To Choose Ideal Jeans

Choose a play that enhances your silhouette is important not only for the jeans, but for all kinds of clothes. Enhance your body by placing highlighted qualities and defects desfarçando is the best way to dress and to appreciate. Check out ideal Jeans discover how to choose:

Skinny legs: The most suitable models are the boyfriend, skinny, straight or even pantaloons.

Small butt: the best models are skinny and flare, because they give the body curves. Choose pants that have larger pockets behind and some details.

Big butt: the best models for those with big butt are the straight cut, with discreet pockets and darker washes.High: capri models or to bend the bar are what help to disguise the length of the legs.

Plus size: pants straight is the best model for plus size women.

Skinny: all models are good in skinny women, but if the intention is to disguise some leanness, do not choose pants too tight.

Legs: to disguise thick legs, dark jeans and straight cut are the ones best suited to this type of body.

Shorties: A key tip for women short or short leg is that the longer is the bar, more elongated the leg will appear.So, flare and straight models are great options for those who want to look a few centimeters.

Trouser bar: the ideal pants is that you don’t drag, but that is as close to the ground as possible, because it stretches the silhouette giving the impression of being taller and thinner.

Denim Skirt Trend 2015 Chickpeas

You probably saw the fashion denim skirt, and still within the tips to find out how to choose ideal jeans, split up some information about this trend and tips on how to dress her up in the improved shape.The beak denim skirt models vary with respect to color and finish. Some pieces explore the light or dark wash jeans. Some are colorful and make the look more cheerful for the summer. It is also important to mention the skirts jeans frayed chickpeas, with stones or spikes. Anyway, the variety meets all tastes and styles.

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