Dior Tribal Earrings

Apr s Gaia Repossi (who managed d rid the tribal style of all unnecessary folklore via the creations pure es to the fashion appeal undeniable ind), today it’s the turn of Camille Miceli to inspire the lelegant to punctuate their allure of a subtly exotic note by imagining to Dior earrings as chic as paysantes…

APER Siu to the lobes of many of rdactrices mode (which one of the always inspired Virginie Dhello), earrings designed by Camille Miceli to Pre-Fall 2013-2014 Dior collection to d mark by their aesthetic tick insolent e bathing of classicism.

It must be said that with their allure of piercing for beautiful Masa spree Street peace, “Setting in Dior” earrings offer the universe of jewelry an e fancy minimalist bouff particularly addictive. Between asymmetrical sorts bold and nacreous reflection, they will thus not second to none for d rider a wise look, sophisticated a boyish or twister outfit a chic toilet.

Attention however do not be misled by wearing the way of a classic pair of earrings: to succeed fully benefit from their valuable aura of atypical gem, it’s solo the creations of Camille Miceli must be arbor are.

A dress code which has the good taste to make recent res a bit more accessible: indeed suffice to find a high range of this new daintiness fan friend to see “Setting in Dior” – 230 euros price – suddenly divided by two…

PS: If these earrings res ch Natalia Vodianova is d Songbird in emerald green, Red Ruby or sapphire blue, it is nimb are traditional white nacreous – colour “chicisant” their tribal DNA – these appear the most d unwanted.