Dior Split, The New Dior

First they were the Dior so Real, now the French firm bet by the Dior Split a sunglasses that is fixed in the aviator style but with a futuristic touch and very feminine.

The house Dior does not stop reinventing itself and it does with its last bet Dior Split, will manage to get that its new sunglasses are a must have this season?

If there is a classic in these sunglasses, undoubtedly, are the aviator glasses. Since the 70’s, these sunglasses have become an icon of fashion, they have surrendered great fashion firms, actors, celebrities and classics from the world of film and music. But what if we combine the aviator style with the essence of Dior? The result is Dior Split.

Dior Split: Model Analysis

The Aviator shape gives the look a casual and modern style but Dior puts some more ingredients like design, technology and sophistication. The Dior Split are made of metal which makes it a lightweight and comfortable carrying goggle. But what makes this spectacle different are its crystals, of mirror and with a horizontal magnetic band. The frame can be found in two colors: silver and gold, and the crystals play with pink, blue, silver and gold.

 Do You Want To Get An Idea Of How They Are?

The Dior house has been able to reset the design of their glasses and now they are an essential in the world of fashion. Years ago he did it with his pearl necklaces, his tight waistlines, his prints and embroidery, now he leaves his mark on his sunglasses.

Will you be able to resist the charms of the Dior Split?