Digital Scout Occupies Holstebro

There will be surfed, uploaded and downloaded on life away at Denmark’s largest Boy Scout camp.

In these days has Scouts ingested Holstebro and has opened Denmark’s biggest Scout camp. With more than 35,000 participants and about 60,000 visitors, so is not only the largest 2012 Jamboree camp on Danish soil, it is also one of the world’s largest.

Jamboree 2012 is situated in a large natural area around the sports center West in northwestern Holstebro and the camp put up around 250 hectares of land, which is equivalent to approximately 335 football pitches.

The camp is so great that there is an established small emergency rooms around the area, where about 40 doctors will take care of the injured person Scouts. The camp also has its own fire department with two slukningstog, three fixed ambulances and private Helicopterlandingsplads.

National Jamboree camp 2012 consists not only of the Danes. Out of the 35,000 Scouts there are about 4,000 Scouts who come from abroad.

Scout anno 2012

There was a time when it with being Scout was synonymous with ropes, green uniform, dirty hands, fresh air and a legitimate reason to go with the knife.

But in 2012, it is no longer enough to be able to tie knots on 17 different ways or could roast a chicken over open fires without getting sick from salmonella. The Danish Scouts use for modern media and thus the Internet in a big way. For the Scouts is the media and the internet an integral part of the entire Scout camp.

The lessee has its own radio station, which broadcasts via FM to all camp participants, and the Scouts continuously update the camp’s website with everything from good stories to pictures and practical information. The newspaper is published daily in own camp Jamboree 36,000 copies and can also be downloaded from the camp’s website in PDF format.

Facebook, Twitter and text messages are also used in a big way to information from the camp’s organizers and participants to tell far and wide around the camp and the many activities that the Scouts are a part of every day.

In addition, the Scouts also have their own TV channel, which uses YouTube to spread its broadcasts to the entire world.

But YouTube, Facebook and the use of other modern media requires a good and stable internet access, which can result in challenges, which the participants on URf.eks. Roskilde Festival knows everything. Telecommunications carriers ‘ mobile networks cannot keep up with the big load.

Telecommunications companies have prepared themselves

We have on our site earlier told about telecommunications companies’ preparations for the national camp 2012 Jamboree.

At the camp have telecommunications companies set up more cell towers, which must ensure telephony and data connections to the camp’s many participants. But even if the telecommunications companies have upgraded capacity and set up extra send master, then give the large number of Scouts nevertheless problems for mobile networks.

It succeeded so no our site issued employee Saturday night, to get a data connection to work over 3 g. Without a stable internet connection, so one is cut off from both Jamboree website, YouTube channel and digital camp newspaper.

Fortunately, the Scouts solved the problem which several Danish festivals could learn a bit of.

Wi-Fi/wireless spejdernet

The Scouts have always been good at it with ropes, but they’re also good to part with power cords, and Wi-Fi access points.

By the help of a wireless Wi-Fi network, so has all the Scouts for access to the Internet, and all participants have access to the Internet even though the telecom carriers ‘ mobile networks are overloaded.

Jamboree Wi-Fi network consists of a 1 Gigabit backbone connection, which will be provided by the local power company NOE. The great connection will be spaced out to local Wi-Fi access points all over the camp, from which you as a Scout or visitors can log on for free.

The speed of the network is very high, and thus in the middle of camp our site employee measured at a speed of 15 Mbit/s in both download and upload.

The actual Wi-Fi access points is of course on the best Scout addicts placed on a raft.

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