Different Hairstyles with Braids

We know that this season hairstyles with braids have been a top 10 fashion, we have the best trends, are easy hairstyles, hair both long and short. Find the most stick with your personality.

Crown Braid

It’s a pretty comfortable braid, which will make you look fashionable. You must separate your hair into two, one side you do a normal braid, light, and the other begin braiding and will cross on the side of the front to back juntes both braids. Easy peasy!

Sewn braid

It is somewhat conservative, but that does not stop being fashionable. It is very easy and practical for hairnet. Separate your hair first two and each side were to take a small part to make a thin braid, braids have to cross from side to side. Then you must make two braids the hair was loose and do the same end, cross them side by side and jam it with a small pin.

Coleta with two Braids

It is a braid that looks too long hair, it is not as complicated as it seems. Separate your hair into two parts, weaves each side in half, as you have both tissues should unite them, tied the braids with a small league and combing the remaining hair.

Braid in Nudo

It is a hairstyle  very easy, you can look for a casual day or any special occasion. You just need to brush hair well and small rubber bands, you should put your hair to the side, tying it with a little league and open the hair in half to cross the part of the remaining loose ponytail. So what you do to finish the braid.

Waterfall braid

It looks pretty good, and fashionable, easy to do. You should divide your hair in half on the front, each side starts making a braid three strands and each that crosses the top looks adding hair, but only the top, gives long you want to braid and secure it with a rubber band, repeat this step with the second braid.

Braid Circle

A braid is a very father who will make you look cool and trendy, then lights and a loose braid hair at a time. You just have to go between weaving always leaving a smooth slice through the middle, with a pin cross over each slice so that it is open and well look like circles.

These hairstyles are perfect to wear them night and day, for a casual or more formal event, do not will hesitate look amazing.